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Medicare Fraud
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"Warren Benson is one of the nation's two most experienced qui tam whistleblower law firms, with Unprecedented national results." - Los Angeles Daily Journal.

Fraud in government-funded programs can occur anywhere - - Medicare fraud, defense contracting fraud, GSA Schedules and other types of government contracting fraud. When an individual sues on behalf of the United States to recover fraudulently obtained funds, this is known as qui tam whistleblower litigation.Very few lawyers can legitimately claim real expertise in qui tam litigation. We can. For more than two decades, Warren | Benson Law Group has been the cutting-edge law firm handling False Claims Act whistleblower litigation and a national leader in precedent-setting cases as a false claims act law firm. We are one of the most experienced False Claims Act law firms in the nation, and have played a direct role in many of the most high-stakes prosecutions throughout the country. In addition to being one of the nation's most successful qui tam whistleblower law firms, we have shaped the law and achieved nationwide success in establishing historic precedents in the prosecution of qui tam cases -- more so than virtually any other firm.

"One of the two most experienced qui tam firms in the nation." - Columbia Law Review

Qui tam litigation is unique, requiring a superior knowledge of highly nuanced areas of law and real-world experience working closely with government investigators, agencies and prosecutors in federal courts nationwide. Our whistleblower law firm and attorneys have served as lead counsel in hundreds of qui tam cases in more than 30 states.Our firm prosecutes qui tam whistleblower cases exclusively and has obtained more than half a billion dollars in nationwide qui tam results and whistleblower rewards for our clients for more than 25 years -- far longer than almost all other False Claims Act lawyers.

"Their achievement at the national level is unprecedented." - Los Angeles Daily Journal

Our cases and results have been recognized in numerous national media, including "60 Minutes," the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal. In addition to being inducted into pre-eminent organizations into which less than 1 percent of attorneys in the nation are admitted, our attorneys have been featured in "Masters in Trial" and "Champions of the Courtroom."

Significant Whistleblower Rewards For Our Clients Working With Our Whistleblower Law Firm

For more than two decades, our firm has successfully represented physicians, contract and financial professionals, billing personnel and other individuals with knowledge of fraud in government program or contract activities, particularly Medicare fraud, defense contractor fraud and other government contracting fraud. In addition to maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality in every case our firm handles, we are uniquely positioned to offer a nationwide network of investigators and firms to assist in the prosecution of qui tam whistleblower cases for our clients.

Although Warren | Benson is a Los Angeles, California, qui tam law firm with offices in Minneapolis and San Diego, our success comes from winning recoveries for our clients throughout the nation.

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If you have information about government contract or program fraud and would like to learn about your rights as a whistleblower, we encourage you to speak with one of our attorneys at our whistleblower law firm. Contact any of our regional offices by sending an email now or call toll free 1-800-844-4406.