Medicare Part D Fraud

Medicare Part D is one of the most important recent changes to the nation’s Medicare program, providing vital subsidies for prescription medications that benefit millions of Americans every year. As one of the largest expansions of Medicare, however, it has been the source of extensive fraud on the part of both medical providers and others seeking to take advantage of the system.

Few law firms in the United States have achieved the level of success that our firm has in representing individuals who have information pertaining to Medicare fraud, including abuses of the prescription drug benefit. Warren | Benson Law Group has led and assisted in prosecutions of high-profile fraud schemes, directly leading to the recovery of hundreds of millions of dollars for the government and financial rewards for whistleblowers.

Medicare Part D is estimated to cost taxpayers approximately $62 billion annually. A program this large is nearly guaranteed to result in fraud and other abuse.

Prosecuting Prescription Drug Fraud In Medicare

With the extensive black market for many prescription medications, it is unsurprising that drug fraud has found its way into Medicare. Two common forms of prescription-related fraud include:

  • Physicians who sell fraudulent prescriptions to allow the purchase of medications that are then sold on the black market.
  • Individuals who engage in identify theft, obtaining information on physicians and using the information to write fraudulent prescriptions.

Individuals with evidence or information on widespread prescription drug fraud have legal recourse through the federal False Claims Act to file a qui tam lawsuit. We can represent these individuals both in independent civil suits and in collaboration with the government when it pursues a prosecution. A successful financial recovery can result in a significant financial reward for a whistleblower, and we help our clients obtain these financial incentives for their participation in a fraud case.

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