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All government defence contracts have specific design specifications to meet performance requirements in the increased stresses of combat or space. When the contractors on these contracts seek payment, they must certify that the products comply with the required design specifications. However, many times the contractor will cut corners and lie about whether its work complied with the design specifications. Much like the temptation for contractors to lie about whether they have complied with design specifications, some contractors substitute cheaper and inferior goods or components in an attempt to save money. These are violations of the False Claims Act.

When individuals who work for contractors have information on an employer’s fraudulent activities, the False Claims Act provides a financial incentive for them to come forward and divulge what they know. Through qui tam prosecutions, the Government can recover funds that were fraudulently obtained, and the whistleblower who collaborated can receive a financial award for his or her participation.

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Successful qui tam litigation requires extensive knowledge of this very complex area of the law and a track record of success working with the government in prosecutions for fraud. Our firm has achieved virtually unparalleled success in prosecuting False Claims Act cases and recovering funds for the Government and financial rewards for our clients.

Examples of cases of equipment and performance fraud include:

  • Product defects: Perhaps the most egregious form of fraud, this occurs when a contractor knows of or has reason to know of a defect in the design or manufacture of equipment, yet fails to address the underlying issues or otherwise hides this information from the government.
  • Failure to comply with contract specifications: Contractors can lie about whether their products have been designed and manufactured to meet strict government specifications, which are implemented to ensure proper performance in high-stress military environments.
  • Product substitutions: Another egregious form of fraud, this occurs when contractors misrepresent the grade or quality or component parts in equipment that is required to include higher-grade materials, yet charges the government for the higher-quality (and higher-priced) materials.

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