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The False Claims Act, which permits whistleblower (or qui tam) claims, was first enacted by President Lincoln in 1863 in response to out-of-control wartime defense procurement fraud. The law was designed to reward individuals who came forward with “insider knowledge.” The qui tam provisions allowed any person to bring a lawsuit on behalf of the United States and receive a portion of any recovery of government funds.

The False Claims Act has been amended several times. The most significant changes occurred in 1986 due to a belief that government contract fraud was a leading cause of the nation’s rising deficits during that decade. The 1986 amendments increased the financial incentives and eliminated legal impediments to bringing a qui tam case that had developed over time. These changes have gradually led to a substantial increase in the number of filed cases.

Since 1986, qui tam prosecutions have recovered billions of dollars from government contractors engaging in fraud and resulted in significant financial rewards for the whistleblowers who successfully prosecuted these cases. In 2009, additional amendments as part of the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act reinforced Congress’ remedial intent by reversing the impact of several restrictive court decisions that had come down following the 1986 amendments.

Our attorneys have been at the forefront of qui tam litigation since the False Claims Act amendments of 1986. They are distinguished as among the very few lawyers nationally who have prosecuted qui tam cases exclusively since the 1986 amendments were enacted. Since then, our firm has represented qui tam whistleblowers in practically all areas of government contract fraud, helping shed light on new and complex forms of fraud and illegal practices and winning hundreds of millions of dollars in recoveries. For more than a quarter-century, we have set the precedents in legal decisions, procedure and monetary recovery that have seen this area of law increase from a trickle to a torrent.

Since 1986, the government has used the False Claims Act to recover more than $60 billion, including $6 billion in 2013 alone. During this time, we have been at the center of prosecuting government contract fraud. Consider proven results when you select a qui tam lawyer.

With virtually unmatched experience, we are equipped to represent whistleblowers in all areas of government contract fraud, serving as both lead and co-counsel in cases involving:

Whistleblowers who choose our firm to handle their qui tam claims receive access to our highly experienced attorneys as well as a nationwide network of other investigators and firms whose expertise assists us in developing successful claims. We devote significant time and resources to every case our firm accepts. Finally, we accept all cases on a contingency basis, meaning our attorneys receive compensation only when our clients win an award as the result of a successful prosecution or civil suit.

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