GSA And Trade Agreements Act Fraud Attorneys

When Companies Have Defrauded The Government, Our Firm Has Had Nationwide Success In Holding Them Accountable

The Government contracts with thousands of private corporations to provide it with essential goods and services. Some of these are one-time contracts, while many others are long-term, high-volume contracts.

Given the hundreds of billions of dollars that the government spends annually to procure these goods and services, some private commercial firms have inevitably attempted to game the system for their financial benefit. When such practices amount to fraud, the government has recourse to recover fraudulently obtained funds. Private individuals who assist in these prosecutions are known as whistleblowers and are provided with both legal protections and financial rewards for divulging important information.

Warren | Benson Law Group is one of the premier qui tam litigation firms in the United States, representing clients nationwide and helping the government recover hundreds of millions of dollars. A study in the Columbia Law Review named our firm one of the two most experienced qui tam firms in the nation.

Fraud In Contracts Involving The General Services Administration And The Trade Agreements Act

Instances of fraud pertaining to the Trade Agreements Act include:

  • Commercial firms falsely stating country of origin for products sold to the federal government to meet TAA requirements

Instances of fraud pertaining to the General Services Administration (GSA) include:

  • Failure to provide the Government with the same rate or discount as that offered to other commercial customers for contracts under the GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) program. This is known as “best price” fraud.
  • Providing the government with defective products or ones that do not meet quality or performance criteria

In 2009, the Department of Justice negotiated a $128 million settlement with a federal contractor that defrauded the GSA by failing to disclose “current, accurate and complete information” about its sales practices, in addition to making false statements concerning its prices and available discounts. These cases can mean substantial financial recovery for the Government, as well as for whistleblowers who contribute to a successful qui tam prosecution.

Learn How You Can Blow The Whistle On Fraud Against The Government

The law provides not only financial rewards for whistleblowers, but also legal protections to encourage those with information to come forward. Our attorneys offer a completely confidential consultation to discuss the evidence you have. Schedule yours by calling toll free 800-844-4406 or send a secure email.